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While we are talking about handis , another Karachi classic is the chicken handi at Usmania and Lasania Restaurants in Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Tooso in Bahadurabad also serves great chicken achar with milk naan. The nashta at Tooso is also something every Karachiite must try. I have been visiting the classic Ghaffar Kabab House off Shaheed-e-Millat for years and I have always been left amazed by the food.

The tiny street is brought to a standstill every single night by the crowds attracted by my favourite BBQ restaurant in the city. It is impossible to go to Ghaffar on most nights and not find it packed to the brim; it is a struggle to even find space in the take away line.

One bite into the food and you can see why this is the case. A large number of dishes from Ghaffar could have featured on this list but I will go for the chicken malai boti. The creamy sauce to the tikka pieces elevates the food to a completely new level. Whether it be with paratha , naan or simply on its own, the chicken malai boti at Ghaffar is a must have for any foodie. Special mention to the BBQ Tonight - chicken satay , a sweeter version of the traditional chicken tikka pieces.

BBQ Tonight is not on my top Karachi restaurants list anymore but no other restaurant has been as consistent as them in the past two decades. You know exactly what you will get when you go to BBQ Tonight, great service, great food and a breath of nostalgia.

No food pilgrimage to Karachi is complete without a trip to Burns Road food. The Karachi haleem and the Food Centre biryani are both equally tempting but it would be sacrilegious to have a list of Karachi food without Waheed Kabab House. Located at a dingy street off Burns Road, cluttered with street vendors and surprisingly, aquarium shops, most items at Waheed Kabab House are worth waiting half an hour to find a decent parking spot in the region.

There is nothing I prefer at Waheed over the fry kabab.

A plate of minced meat fried in oil may put off a lot of calorie conscious people, but one drip of naan into the plate will make you forget your calorie intake. The fact that the only kabab entry in this post is something that does not look like kabab at all is testament to the quality of Waheed's fry kabab. A number one that most people in Karachi may not even agree with; a dish that is not Karachi at all but rather Afghani. However, I am sure that all those who have had the pleasure of eating it will testify to its position on this list. If you think you can never eat a dozen seekhs of food in minutes, you have never had the Afghani boti at Sohrab Goth.

The hub of activity and food for most buses and trucks going in and out of Karachi, Sohrab Goth is bustling with people at most times of the night. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, with a piece of fat in the middle of every seekh , but there are few greater joys for a foodie like me than to sit at a takht on Sohrab Goth and eat the Afghani boti straight from the seekh. For the less adventurous foodies, the chicken namkeen boti and kababs served on the same skewers are also great but do give the Afghanib boti a try -- it is worth the risk of driving to Sohrab Goth and back.

If there is any food worth losing your mobile over, it is the Afghani boti at Sohrab Goth. Reading this article my 'arteries' are 'pulsating', my mind tells me try once only regardless of how good it may taste!

Exquisitely done. Covers the city well. There can be a top 10 section within each category on its own. Please do one for bun kababs. The list however, seemed more focused on grilled items, the Afghani boti and palaw are no doubt yummy and add value to the metropolis, I felt Karachi Haleem, Student Biryani and Jawed Nihari missing. I do try local food and resturants but ends up always going to Pakistani eatries. The only two items I have found better in Europe are the wide variety of dessert dishes and soups most of which I can not have because of being non-halaal.

Karachi Restaurants and places to eat in Karachi

Lahore is famous for its fried fish, Quetta for its sajji and Peshawar for its karhai but Karachi doesn't have just one food item it is known for". Actually it does, it's Nihari. But I think the author made a good decision to leave out the biryani and nihari joints, they deserve an article of their own.

A better heading would be 'My must have dishes' as in no way this list classifies as the best food of Karachi. Dear Shahzad I guess nothing of this is native to karachi and you miss the point when you associate other cities with one dish only! Eating out has been more popular in the bigger cities for many reasons like lifestyle, affluence, cosmopolitan nature all of which fit karachi.

Not sure if I agree to the list here, looks like this gentleman has only been to places in upper middle to Posh residential areas and has never eaten in the true Karachi neighborhoods like old city, Garden west, NN abad, and then 10 number, Quaidabad, Orangi. Interesting to note not a single non meat item. As a nation we consume too much meat, not healthy All very similar meat dishes. Not one vegetarian option. Im sure there is more to Karachi than this list. That overpriced burger over Lalu Khet kay gol gappay?

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Biryani again Hot and Spicy. Unfortunately, you missed few obvious. Nice attempt though. Absolutely disagree with the rating. There are plenty of better restaurants in Karachi. For example Bar BQ Tonight is missing from the list. Naxalite come on it's Eid after full month of fasting - we all deserve these dishes enjoy and do the workout next week :.

So the writer only mentions Lahori fish for Lahore? If you ever want to know what food is, just visit the old and new food street in Lahore, you will get your answers. Great list. Enjoyed reading it. Have to disagree on the broast though. Karachi just doesn't know how to make broast. For good broast, go to the Middle East. Being an Indian, I always admired Pakistani cuisine.

I'm drooling at the moment. I so wished I could be in the streets of Karachi right now :. Noman Ansari I was in middle east and just wanted to fly to Karachi to have a taste of garlic sauce at Kundan How about spreading out internationally and opening franchises around the world? Besides the eateries are clean modern with a history of pre independence era. We have but problem is vegetarian food is not considered 'luxury'. Without meat they are considered 'ordinary'. Gawal Mandi Ya, Sorry brothers but I highly doubt your tall claims.

A little history must be told. India was and is very rich in its cuisine. The cultural strength of Karachi is that people from all across the India migrated to Karachi and lives there together. These guys know how to cook them correctly. Take the example of Biryani, You make any dish with rice and meat and call it Biryani but in reality very few people can cook the authentic Biryani. It is a fine art. So the people where these dishes are native, knows better how to cook them. It is almost impossible to cover whole karachi honestly. Karachi is not big it is very big and not just very big, it is very diverse culturally.

Every area of karachi is a little city in itself. I perfectly understand people living outside of Karachi sometimes underestimate it cultural strength. Thank you for not publishing it in Ramazan, that would have made it way more difficult to wait for the ifftar. Excellent article, a trip back to Karachi is not complete without going to Burns Road to eat Waheeds fried kabab. It all looks mouth watering Gosh, i can't wait to get there. Right now i'm in the middle of my project but seriously you 've won my stomach. Karachi dishes 've got not just their looks, they taste absolutely second to none.

If and when you go there next don't forget to go there. If possible!!! Tariq, If you eat this food on a regular basis,your arteries won't be pulsating for too long. Vegan Options. Gluten Free Options. Cheap Eats. Fine Dining.

City Railway Colony. Restaurant features. Accepts Credit Cards. Free Wifi. Outdoor Seating. Parking Available. Table Service. Wheelchair Accessible. Good for. Business meetings. Families with children. Large groups. Local cuisine. Special occasions. Browse Karachi by Food. See all. Cafe Steakhouse Pizza Chinese Pakistani Barbecue Seafood Italian The Pakistani at Movenpick Hotel. Cafe Aylanto. Local Cuisine. Kolachi Restaurant. BBQ Tonight.