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But, in my short one month on this account, I already have , neopoints! In the past, I have done over 1, jobs, so I have experience. I have some guidelines that are always successful. And I'm about to share them with you. Slow and steady doesn't win the race here. The faster you finish the job, the more neopoints you get. You know how the list of jobs refreshes at the 10 of every hour?

You know, , , , and so on. A lot of people don't realize that, which saves you a lot of time. Before I start even waiting for the clock, I like to have the shop wizard and my bank account open. Then, I copy the name of the item on to the shop wizard. I like to start at the end of the list, and then look for the most expensive job.

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Like I said, not many people know about this either. You can choose to go to the next ten jobs, or you can go to the end. Because not many do this, I have a few more seconds to pick a job. After you pick a job, look over your guidelines. Look at the item you need to get, how many of that item, and how much time you have to get that item.

You can have one minute for a job, so be very careful, and fast as well. You can also have up to 59 minutes for a job. These are the best, because you get a very large time bonus, up to about 2, neopoints.

Faerieland Employment Agency: Guide to Riches

If you get an item such as a warf, you must select Exact Phrase, because there are painted warfs for sale as well. It's a lot easier to buy five of one item in one shop than five shops. It saves time, which means a greater time bonus. So, even if it's not the cheapest, it's a lot easier. If you notice, after you do the maximum amount of jobs, you can do more with your other pets. Yes, I realize that I don't do that with my Grundo, but I don't have much time to do 10 jobs a day, which, is almost two hours of waiting for a decent job to come into play.

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  4. Cookies make wikiHow better. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. About This Article. Related Articles. Skip to content Home Uncategorized Green brightvale job coupon neopets. The Faerieland Employment Agency will help you find your perfect job!

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    5. Green Brightvale Job Coupon But if your new to the game, then just monitor for a while, don't take the jobs, but price up the items, and work out whether you thought that job would have been worth doing, a lot of the jobs are repeated, so you will get to recognize the items, and you will know your own speed. The Neopian Times - Neopia's fill-in-the-blank news source Try looking for some there as there could be a special shop that sells them.

      Create an account or sign in to comment. You can go to the employment agency to complete quest-like jobs for neopoint rewards. Although they're similar to faerie quests , the jobs at the agency are not done for a specific faerie or character. A specific number of a particular item is requested and you receive a neopoint reward in return if you deliver the items in time. The reward is almost always greater than the amount you had to spend to buy the items.

      You can earn upwards of 20, neopoints a day from the Employment Agency.

      Faerieland Employment Agency

      It's an interesting and simple way to earn neopoints! Basic Jobs do not require a job coupon to do.

      [GUIDE] Employment Agency with Gold Brightvale Coupon

      Super Jobs are exactly like Basic Jobs except they require a job coupon. You can get job coupon through the Wheel of Extravagance or the Wheel of Knowledge. They can also all be bought from people's shops, trades and auctions. The job coupons used to be given out by signing up for sponsor offers.

      It will keep doing so until you use a Green Job Coupon, after which it disappears.

      Gold Brightvale Job Coupon | Neopets Items

      It should be noted that Brightvale Job Coupons are exactly like the regular job coupon, just of a higher value; so after using a Green Brightvale Job Coupon, it'll change into a Pink Job Coupon just like any other job coupon would change into its lower counterpart.

      Job Listings In the images below you can see how the jobs are listed at the employment agency. Each listing has the following elements: Find of: item name - This tells you which item you need to find, and how many you need. Time - This tells you how long you have to complete the job. If you do not complete the job within the given time frame, it counts as a failed job. Base Reward - This is the minimum number of Neopoints you will get for completing the job.

      Job Coupon Required - Basic Job listings do not have this specification on them at all, as they do not require any sort of job coupon to do. Super Job listings will tell you which coupon is required; unless as your coupon is at least that value or higher, you will not be able to do that job.

      The job listings refresh every ten minutes. They almost always refresh about 8 seconds before the ten minute mark ex: NST. If you refresh and don't see any new jobs, continue refreshing until they appear. On very rare occasions, the job listings will not refresh at that particular minute mark. Find the job you're interested in completing and click on "Apply for this job. This page will summarise how long you have to do the job, how many of what item you need, and so on.

      It will also provide you with a link to return to after you've bought all the items.

      Suggest Price Data Update

      Option 2: This job has already been taken. You were too slow. Unfortunately, you'll have to go back and find a different, untaken job. Option 3: You have already taken enough jobs for today! Come back tomorrow. This message is sometimes slightly misleading.

      Basic Jobs and Super Jobs

      You are allowed a total of five jobs per day, and it doesn't matter which pets you use to do the jobs, or if they're Basic Jobs or Super Jobs. You won't be able to do all five jobs at the same restock of jobs at the employment agency. If you get this message and you have not done 5 jobs yet, come back in ten minutes and try again. Completing a Job The best thing to do is leave the page with the job listing open while you buy all your items in a different tab.

      That way, once you're done, you already know where to go that "return to this page" link. Otherwise, you'll have to go to "Status," listed at the top of the page. The Status page will list each of your pets; if the pet has no current job, it'll say so. If your pet is currently on a job, then it will list what items are needed and provide a link to go to for when the job has been completed. Whenever you complete a job, you receive neopoints.