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Same Same Thai. Brack Shop Tavern. Spoke Bicycle Cafe. Daw Yee Myanmar Corner. Frogtown Brewery. Eagle Rock Brewery Public House. El Segundo Brewing. Greenbar Craft Distillery. Mohawk Bend. Eagle Rock Brewery. Fat Dragon.

Go Get 'Em Tiger. Little Dom's. Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams.

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First Republic Bank - Bronze Sponsor. UWS - Sponsor. Dunbar for CAD or performance for usd. Kramz Nov 23, at You had me legitimately worried about the Canadian dollar. One thing I noticed lately, I worked at a grocery store forever, and if I don't wear eyewear nowadays, prices be damned. Hammer48 Nov 23, at Correction, those the Arch wheelset, not the Flow..

Hammer48 : ah right you are good sir. It's what I get for checking pinkbike at am. Kimura Nov 23, at The Dunbar one has Hope hubs, the Performance one has Stan's hubs. Now, I am a big fan of Stan's rims, but I wouldn't recommend Stan's hubs to my worst enemy, you will end up hiking out. Engie85 Nov 23, at Thanks to our joke of a president, tariff's are a real consideration Joolz Nov 23, at It's got a comfy material leather or imitation leather like you almost feel like you're 'sunk in' the saddle a bit because of the downward facing nose and wide body.

Great saddle for xc but not so much enduro or downhill Oriented riding. FunctionalMayhem Nov 23, at Beez Nov 23, at End this feature on PB seriously, it's a farking joke.. Dennisvdb Nov 23, at Superstar run a discount so often anyway like many others do that 'black friday' is hardly worth bothering with - it will all be on sale again in a week anyway. Hope they do seeing as it'll help keep the site going that provides us with free content. If you knew how much PB charge for prime advertising space I'm not sure you would worry about keeping the site going.

If your are implying I am moaning about them charging for advertisment, I am not, its their business and they can charge what they like, if you are implying that PB's owners will be poor, I imagine not, contributors probably get paid pennies, if anything though and do it for the love. Anyway, well of topic from the OP - long and short of it is the items advertised above are here as they have paid PB as sum of monies or will from conversions to be here.

All is well. Probably just more of for marketing tracking SuperstarComponents Nov 23, at To answer the question no we dont do affiliate kickbacks.

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Pinkbike is a Paid advert The unique code lets us see which advertisers have the best return on investment. Colson Nov 24, at Will shipping to the US ever be available? SuperstarComponents :. SuperstarComponents : serious question, if you get endless emails about discount codes do you not think it's because you are constantly between discounts? Your potential customers are always anxious that if they purchase at RRP, it will be at a discount before it's even been dispatched to them. I wouldn't dream of buying your pedals at RRP, they are almost constantly on offer - i am sure the business model mathematically makes sense though or you wouldn't do it.

Colson : most small places outside of the USA can't get insurance to sell into you, every other country is fine but the USA has a fairly extreme litigation culture which makes insurers hike up pricing we are talking a huge increase Many small business just continue to sell into the USA regardless making a calculated risk - it would be harder to sue outside of the USA being realistic so is unlikely unless a serious case.

I can't talk for superstar but it's likely seen as too expensive for insurance, not worth the risk sending without it and overall not seen as worth perusing in any regard. SuperstarComponents Nov 25, at Most companies set up a subsidiary there so when they get sued it only takes that part of the company down. Colson :. SuperstarComponents : Surely though a 3x increase in insurance is easily worth it, I expected it to be more like 10x or higher. SuperstarComponents Nov 28, at I worked out a few years back if we refund your order and threw the part in the bin it would be more profitable than royal mail to Austrailia Have you actually thought about what you have just written?

Are you saying your overseas customers are all theives? Yould be banging out 'millions of parts' to the USA tomorrow? You cant beat the truth no SuperstarComponents Dec 2, at You clearly know nothing about what your talking about so i will decline to take your advice. SuperstarComponents : for somebody who 'knows what they are talking about' most of what you write publicly is complete made up believe.

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I just stated the nationwide average across all types of business. Do you only sell wheels? I'm not asking for you to take my advice, carry on in your world of fantas Donald, is that you? You show yourself up time and time again in public forums, when will you learn?

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I purchased that highline seatpost from CRC, I never thought I'd purchase another CB product again but the reviews were glowing, wish me luck! Good luck. Mine would never stay down. They sent me springs to replace in it to no avail.

They said it doesn't work in certain frames. Never had a problem with the shorter Reverb either. Boondocker Nov 23, at I've got about trouble free miles on mine and love it! I did run in to an issue where it wouldn't stay down, the cause for me was spinning the seat around when I put my bike on my buddies 4 place rack. I just had to reclock the actuating mechanism. Hopefully it last a couple of seasons until the electronic ones start hitting the market at reasonable prices.