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This is due to the transmission operating in excess of degrees.

Transmission Flush | Fill & Fluid Change Service | Brakes Plus

Heavy loads will cause overheating and reduce transmission life as well. You should use caution not to exceed the vehicle manufacturers weight limits. Low fluid almost always indicates a leak or a malfunction in the transmission or its related components. You should be aware of changes in the driving characteristics of your vehicle. Look for a dipstick handle sticking out of your transmission. This is usually located toward the rear of an in-line engine on vehicles with rear-wheel drive.

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If your vehicle has front-wheel drive, the transmission fluid dipstick is sticking out of the transaxle. Get Directions Our Hours.

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Anytime you notice a burning odor, take your Honda to a mechanic for inspection. Leaking transmission fluid : Transmission leaks are a problem.

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The check engine light appears : There could be a number of problems with your Honda if its check engine light comes in. Your transmission may be the culprit, but only a mechanic from a Honda dealership can diagnose the exact cause. Your car is noisy while driving : If you hear any grinding, banging, or screeching while driving, your Honda needs maintenance—stat. The transmission might be the source of the noise, but only a mechanic can determine the exact cause.

When a Transmission Fluid Change or Flush Can Damage Your Transmission

Transmission Service at Mile High Honda in Denver Transmission services are a normal preventative maintenance procedure for your Honda, similar to rotating tires or changing engine oil. Wipe the dipstick with a clean, lint-free rag; then reinsert it and pull it out again. The fluid level in a manual transmission must be checked with the vehicle on a hoist to enable the technician to reach a plug in the bottom of the transmission.

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Please call Brakes Plus to schedule your transmission appointment today. How to check transmission fluid in an automatic transmission? Each is made for a specific type of automatic transmission. Newer transmissions require different fluid than older ones.

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