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Show Me Frontier Prices. Show Frontier Prices. Frontier Internet Services Looking for the best high speed internet service provider in your area? Frontier is one of the largest internet service providers in the country, with a strong reputation for quality and service. One great thing about Frontier that sets them apart from other telecommunication companies is that they operate in underserved areas.

If you are located in a small rural community, then you probably know there was a time when it was next to impossible to get DSL internet or other high tech services. FiOS internet service transmits information at , miles per second—the speed of light. Enjoy lightning fast uploads and downloads. However they are the only FiOS provider in my area. This morning I got transferred 3x after huge hold times and finally no one picked up.

I am looking into Spectrum right now to stop putting up with the abuse. My experience was horrible as well. I switched over from Spectrum which was a total mistake.

The Best Cheap Internet Service Providers

I only had their services for a few months and my services phone, cable and internet were not working half of the time. I called to cancel around the end of December around New Years and spoke to someone that said he would note everything and as soon as they were back in the office my services would be disconnected. Not the case at all! I happen to notice a couple weeks after that they were still on so I called again.

To make a even longer story shorter, they claimed they never told me that blah blah blah …Now I see that I have two bills which I should not have because my services was suppose to be off. Beyond pissed and never again! What a joke of a company! Called the other day to order your service. Was told the install date was for today Wednesday, January 24, between 8 AM — PM and the technician will call me about 1 hour before heading my way.

Oh wow. Normally when you look at reviews, you find a few bad ones and you have to make the best judgment on if you want the product or service. All the reviews are bad. This company sucks ass. From experience, every bad review that you read about Frontier is true. They are without a doubt the worst company on the planet. Read terms!!!! Have considered switching from Frontier to Spectrum to save a few bucks, but that would only last a while as the promotional discounts go away after one year. Worst service ever. Overbilled on provisional speeds that barely reached 1.

Frontier Communications offers High-Speed Internet

The reps are idiots as well. Really, all they do is hit a button. And when running a speed test I actually get over 25 down with Comcast, surprise. I will be filing a complaint with the FCC. I highly encourage you to avoid this headache until they can get their accounting together.

When I called they told me I had to pay the up front and they would reimburse me the over charge. Took me about 2 hours to get this resolved.

Frontier Deals and Promotions for Jun |

Took 1. She tried hard to convince me I was mistaken. I asked her to show me where I had to pay a termination fee and the cost that it would be. We went back and forth for 25 minutes before she talked to an associate who informed her that my account did not have to pay a early termination fee. She never apologized for trying to overcharge me.

I asked to speak with a manager to discuss my overall experience with this company. So she asked for a call back number 2nd time I gave her the number. Their service reps are not very informed people which are causing customers to pay extra money. I can only imagine how much extra money they are making for charging people for unnecessary early termination fees and for inaccurate billing.

Amazon begins reselling Frontier’s internet service on its site

Worst internet provider I have ever experienced. Service would go down several times a day and we had to call them every time to get it back up and working. I had service at my business and it caused us a lot of problems just trying to get work done and upset a lot of our customers because we were unable to access information due to the service being down. The service techs are terrible and did not come out when they said they would. On several occasions they reported to their office that they came out to my office and found not problems but they never came at all.

I switched to Sudden Link and have had no problems since then. Terrible company. Back in December we agree on a new rate to keep my monthly costs about the same. I called and they said the price increase was on my. We both checked and nothing was on my bill notifying me. I did work out an agreement to get the price about the same again. Only thing good is the internet speeds. I highly disagree with this rating and this service! They are nothing but problems and issues. They are a monopoly in our area for wireless internet and know it and take advantage af each and every one of us in the area.

No customer service. Schedule days for them to come to the house and no one calls and no one shows up. Missed day of work and problems not fixed. No Fronteir has terrible terrible customer service. F fronteir. F them. They are terrible. If you have the option never go with Fronteir ever ever ever. The worst in customer service. It has taken 4 calls just to close my acct. I agree to money grabbing. Had to complain about it for them to give it attention and credit — well, they said they would anyway. Hopefully will never encounter them again as only server in future.

Frontier squandered an opportunity to deliver good customer service during the handover. I have had the worst possible experience with Frontier. They have lied to me about every possible thing and have horrible customer service. One of the most frustrating experiences I have ever had.

I would never recommend them for any reason. There is no way Frontier is rating this high. Over a 2hr wait with no resolve when I was requesting my old telephone lines removed and have one new one installed. I placed an online order last week. I was so worried after reading the reviews. Today, the Frontier technician showed up on time, installed internet and set up everything quickly and was very nice. This company is the worst company i have ever had to deal with.

I have turned them in to BBB at least 3 times. They only offer dsl here and i am lucky if i get 3mb. Usually not even enough to stream netflix. I have no other options or i would drop them like a hot potato. Also,their customer service dept. Everyone should turn in a complaint to better business beureau. My bill is wrong every month and they have a excuse every month. I would not recommend them. Absolutely horrible!

I scheduled an appointment and waited three weeks and was given a window between pmpm and they never called, emailed or pony expressed. The technican never showed up. I called 3 times throughout the day and customer service was disorganized and continued to give me alternative facts and had the unmitigated gall to want to reschedule. I would never recommend frontier services. I moved back in November of and had them transfer my services, instead they opened an additional account in my name. I continued to pay on my original account, not knowing of this new account until February.

I recommend Armstrong over these guys any day, I am calling to cancel tomorrow and hopefully get all three accounts removed. Told me my account was cancelled since I moved to an area they did not service but 3 weeks later they charged me the whole amount and never cancelled my account. Now I have to argue with people on the phone for 2 hours trying to get my money credited back..

It is not my fault you do not service the area we moved to. But im being penalized for it. It makes no sense how easy it is for you to take the money from me but cant give it back even though your employee stated my account would be cancelled on the 6th, and here it is the 16th, still up and running. But we moved 2 weeks ago.. Now I have to pay from the 6th to the 20th and I didnt even live at the address anymore.

Makes no sense whats so ever! Worst internet company scam artist yet. Agree — horrible company. Everyone lies — they quote you a price and then bill you a higher amount. Worst ever. Then on the deposit they charged my card twice and said we only see the charge once, so we can only credit back one charge. These people rob customers or prospective customers blind. I canceled and will go with another company, price is higher but I suppose you get what you pay for.

Lesson learned before I got stuck in a contract. I have been a loyal customer to Frontier for over 8 years now. The past 3 of which have been the worst experience with an ISP in my life. The only good thing about this joke of a company if the fact that they have no data cap.

I would not recommend this company or their services to anyone, for any reason.

Does Frontier Have Good Internet? - Frontier Internet Review 2018

Too bad there is a virtual monopoly on telecoms in my area, or they would have been put out of business ages ago. Fix your stuff frontier, seriously. Too much Traffic.. Customer service is very bad. They charged me more what they say before I get connection. They did not mention me about installation fee and some shipping charge while I explicitly ask many times if there are any other charge other than monthly charge. I ask many times whether I will get internet net connection before 6th Aug or not. The representative says he will get me install before 5th.

There are small pockets that offer service in several different states, but the areas with the most coverage are Florida, California, Connecticut, Washington, and Oregon. Frontier High Speed Internet, on the other hand, has a wider coverage area. In order to see if Frontier is available, as well as to be aware of any other options serving your residence, check your address using our internet availability tool.

Compared to other providers, Frontier DSL as well as Frontier FIOS plans have low customer satisfaction scores and mixed reviews about technical support, account support, and etc. The modem hooks you into the Frontier network, while the router allows you to connect multiple devices to the same network over WiFi. A dilemma to consider with most Internet providers is whether to rent or buy the router, modem, or gateway.

As mentioned above, Frontier Communications usually offers Internet with a 24 month service agreement. Finding real user ratings and reviews can be difficult online. That is why we only allow IP verified users to rate and review their provider. This ensure that our reviews and ratings aren't biased. To date, we've collected 18, ratings for Frontier.

Of these ratings Overall Frontier's approval rating of Frontier has availability in 38 states including California, Florida, Connecticut, and 35 other states. In total they cover Setup Frontier Communications Service Average wait time to speak with a human is less than 30 seconds. Generally Frontier Communications offers the best promotions and discounts on these plans. TV: Basic TV 2-year promo rate.

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